Radomatics delivers mission-critical systems, radars, and autonomous Aerial/Land/Naval solutions for the defense, homeland security, and aerial industries.

With a superior track record and know-how foundations, the company is becoming the partner of choice for leading “giants” of the IL defense and homeland security landscapes, providing development, prototyping, production, and support in key projects.

The company offers innovative, multi-disciplinary teams, that maintain agile, delivery-oriented services and can be the partner of choice and one-stop shop for complex and challenging projects in the relevant space.

Mission Critical:

  • Power supply/distribution/monitoring
  • Flight control system
  • Mission control system
  • Solar power optimization system
  • Space/Aerospace mission-critical 


  • Radar technologies: MIMO, Phased array, UWB, and FMCW
  • Application: Imaging, detection, navigation, guidance, and classification
  • SAR, iSAR
  • Frequencies: UHF – 81GHz
  • Ultra-low/high power system design
  • Design for ISM regulation

Ehud Zorea

CEO, Co-founder

20+ Years of hands-on experience in radars design, radar technologies and system integration. Design from concept to product. Vast experience in design of FMCW radars, MIMO imaging radars, antennas, RF, long range pulse Doppler detection and UWB designs.

Eugenie Ginzburg

CTO, Co-founder

20+ years of designing and implementing mixture of embedded software development and electronics design, bringing ideas from concept to product.  Expert in providing a complete system design of hardware, software, RF, control, mechanics, building & analyzing Data Base and more.

Aleksey Sokolov


20+ Years of hands-on experience in multidisciplinary projects with emphasis on SW design, avionics, RF & embedded systems with high reliability requirements. Team leader, with vast experience in R&D management.